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HuiBo News

HuiBo Railway is under negotiating with a contract through our Brazilian Agent for supply the Joint bar and track bolt sets project from Bolivia

HuiBo has awarded a contact to supply the Myanmar Railway for the Track Bolt Sets Contract

HuiBo has awarded two contacts to supply the dog spike and weld-on shoulds to Sweden client ..

HuiBo Railway received clients from Indonesia to discuss about the rail E-clip fastening systems supply for their domestic railway maintenance and Constructions .we have contacted with them to supply them the first lot in January ,2016

HuiBo Railway has awarded a Screw spikes and Bolt sets Contact from Spanish client

HuiBo Railway received a Argentinian client to discuss about their domestic old rai lines maintenance and new rail lines constructions .

HuiBo Railway developed a rail fastening solution for Chilean client by their Metro Line project in Mexico

HuiBo has awarded two Contracts to supply Rail Joint bars and Track Bolt Sets to Colombian Market and Brazilian Railway separately .

HuiBo has awarded Track Bolt Sets orders from Germany client .

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