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Quality Control

HuiBo Railway pay great attention to quality control and put it as our first priority. We operate a quality control system according to ISO 9000. Our products have SGS, BV certifications.
Grounded in HuiBo’s quality policy, our technical staffs are continually working to maintain and improve quality in all of our processes, from product planning and development to material procurement, mold equipments, manufacture, heat treatment, surface treatment, packing, distribution, sales, and services.

Firstly, HuiBo tested the chemical composition and the mechanical and physical properties for all raw materials, make sure they according with the standard and the customer requirements.

Secondly, the operators of every process will inspect the first product of this process, to make sure it meets the drawing requirements , and only getting the approval from the inspection center they can continue the manufacturing. Besides, our inspectors make the semi-finished products inspection in each process for once an hour, in case products quality will be affected by the equipments, molds or other external factors, to ensure every process meet the technical requirements.

Thirdly, inspectors will make a whole inspection for the finished products, including the dimensions, mechanical and physical properties and surface treatments. Finally, the packing also will be tested. Our purpose is no a piece of unqualified product will be allowed to out of our factory.

HuiBo Railway takes serious care of the quality control of any of its products, by means of advanced and specific testing instruments. We guaranteed that 100% of the products we delivered meet or exceed our written specifications.

HuiBo Railway pays great attention to quality control management by continuously investing in the development of testing instruments and personnel training: as a result, we haven't received any complaints about the quality of our products to date.

Each and every member of HuiBo Railway wholeheartedly strive to offer products and service from customer’s perspective. We continue to quest for even greater product quality by reference to recognized international quality standards.

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Universal Testing Equipments Universal Testing Equipments
tension clamp skl3 tension clamp skl12
Hardness(HB,HRC,HV) Testing Equipments Elastic Strain Fatigue Life Testing Equipment
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Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer
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Metallographic Analyzer Impact Energy Testing Equipment
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Salt Spraying Testing Equipment Salt Spraying Testing Equipment

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