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Rail Clip & Rail Anchor
Rail Clips
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Spring Blades
Standard Reference : BS970, DIN17221, GB/T1222, GB/T4357, GB/T4358,etc.
Diameter Reference : Ø12 , Ø13 , Ø14 , Ø16 , Ø18 , Ø20 ,etc.
Surface Treatment :Plain / Oxide Black / Zinc Plated / Normal Painting / Baking Finish / Electrophoretic Painting, etc
Toe Load (Kgf) : 200-1400
Hardness :42-48
Raw Material :Spring Steel: 60SiMn / 60Si2MnA / 60Si2CrA / 38Si7 / 55Si2Mn
Customization is available !

Rail Clips, Elastic Clips ,E Clips, SKL Clips .
  • \By the rich experience in railway industry, HuiBo Railway can offer clients an extensive range of rail fastening clips with the premium quality and excellent performance! They are to be used to fasten rails to underlying tie plates.The rail clips produced by us are made from the high grade spring steel supplied from the reliable and certified long term partner of Steel Mills . With more over 20 years’ experience on the Rail clips production , HuiBo railway has become the largest and most competitive production base of rail clips in Southeast of China,qualified to tender nationally large and medium scaled rail projects under the China Ministry of Railways, both at home and abroad..

Rail Anchors
Standard Reference : AS1085.10-20002 , DIN, ISO-9001
Surface Treatment :Plain / Oxide Black / Zinc Plated / Normal Painting / Sandblasting, etc
Raw Material : 60Si2MnA / 45# / QT500-7
Production Engineering : Forging ,Casting
Customization is available !

Rail Anchors
  • \Rail anchors made in one-piece construction from spring steel are designed to fasten the rail tight on the base of the rail to prevent the rail from longitudinal movements, i.e. the “ creeping” of the rail, caused by changing temperature, grades, traffic patterns, and braking action of trains.

    \Rail anchors are applied to the rail base directly and lodge up against the tie. Rail anchors provide a large bearing surface against rail base and rail tie, preventing cutting and wear, and eventually to prolong the working life of the rail ties. Anchors are made for a specific rail weight and base width, which can be classified into two types: the Drive-on rail anchors and Spring type rail anchor.

Types of Rail Anchors:
  • \A). Rail anchors are always used in rails such as 50kg, 85kg, UIC54, UIC60, 90/91lb, 115RE, 136RE, just to name a few. HuiBo Railway can produce T or V-shaped rail anchors as well as other types according to clients’ requirements, by forging or casting.

  • \B) Based on our former production experience, most common material for rail anchor production is 60Si2MnA, which is often used for rails such as 50kg, 70lb, 80lb, 90/91lb and so on.
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