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Rail Shoulder
Rail Shoulders (Cast-in Rail Shoulders)
Application UIC54 UIC60 115RE, ,50kg Rail, 60kg Rail,
BS80lbs, BS100lbs, ect.
Raw Material QT500-7 QT450-10 QT400-15
Standard Reference GB 1348-88 GB 1348-88  GB 1348-89 
Chemical composition(%) C:3.60-3.80 C:3.40-3.90 C:3.50-3.60
C:3.60-3.80 Mn:0.2-0.5 Mn:≤0.5
Si:2.50-2.90 Si:2.70-3.00 Si:3.0-3.2
P:≤0.08 P:≤0.07 P:≤0.07
S:≤0.025 S:≤0.03 S:≤0.02
Tensile Strength ≥500 Mpa ≥450 Mpa ≥400 Mpa
Yield Strength ≥320 Mpa  ≥310 Mpa  ≥250 Mpa
Elongation(%) ≥7 ≥10 ≥15
Hardness 170~230HB  160~210HB  130~180HB
Metallographic organization Ferrite + Pearlite Graphite + Ferrite + Pearlite Ferrite
Surface Plain , Hot Dip Galvanized,Sandblasting
Customization is available !

Weld-on Shoulders
Applications: 88Lbs,50Kg Rail,60Kg Rail,115Re,UIC60
Raw Mateiral: Mild Steel , Cast Iron ,Alloy Steel
Surface Treatment : ,Plain , Hot Dip Galvanized , Sandblasting
Production Engineering: Forging , Casting.
Customization is available !

Rail Shoulders
  • \Rail shoulder is cast in the concrete rail ties to fix the elastic rail clips. There are two types of rail shoulders available, the cast-in shoulder and the weld-on shoulder, both of which are used for the fixing of elastic rail clips.
A) Cast-in rail shoulder
  • \The casting shoulders as the embedded part of the rail way fastening system are pressed in concrete sleeper and work together with the E clip to fasten the rail. The cast in shoulder is made by casting from iron, such as, GB/T 1348-1988, NF EN 1563(1997), ISO1038, DIN 1693, JIS G5502 (2001), KS D 4302, GOST 7293(1985) or BS EN 1563(1997).
B) Weld-on shoulder
  • \The weld-on shoulder is used at the typical position of rail where the rail shoulder is weld on flat steel plate rather than the standard tie plate. The weld-on shoulder is produced by hot forging, according to AREA standard. The materials for weld-on shoulders production can be low or medium carbon steel, based on the customer’s specific requirements.
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